Strumentazione Industriale / Purgemaster " SNAP- IN " Small Flowmeter

High strength stainless steel body

— the body is corrosion resistant stainless steel, rigidly constructed to maintain tube alignment and resist pipe strain

'SNAP-IN' tube construction

— minimizes the downtime needed to clean the meter tube or to change the meter range

Polycarbonate operator protection shield

— safety tested shield protects personnel from glass fragments in the rare event of accidental tube breakage

Component flexibility

— all parts for the three scale lengths except bodies, tubes and protector shields are interchangeable

Internal backcheck

— restricts back flow and draining of process fluid when metering tube is removed

Choice of operating position

— the meter can be inverted and its tube reversed to change the control valve position from the inlet to the outlet

Options of valve, DP regulator and alarms

ATEX-approved versions available both with and without alarms
— II 2GD approval without alarms; II 2G approval with alarms